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[09 Jan 2011|01:25pm]
i posted recently but i have pics from last weekend and i want to share again :) :)
also, since last june i had put plastic hair extention to my dreadlocks (link to post), and i took them all off two days ago. i was getting tired of the plastic... i also took off every bit of fabric and rope i had tied to my dreads, and it feels good to make that clean up, i feel more 'pure' :)
and i am waiting two days for my henna to be ready, my hair need that treatement... yay for taking care of myself :)

and the picsCollapse )
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Just the one.... [09 Jan 2011|05:18pm]


: )

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Timeline! [09 Jan 2011|06:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Been feeling a bit gloomy over the past few weeks (snow-related blues) so thought I'd do this to cheer me up :)
Loooads of pictures sorry, I do feel like I haven't been here for quite some time tho, so I hope no one minds too much!

7 months old on 3rd januaryCollapse )

Hope everyone is having a fantastic 2011 so far :)

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