January 11th, 2011

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Intro !


My name is Melissa. I'm 26yo and from Ontario, Canada.  I've been lurking for months now and I'm trying to figure out livejournal and it is slow going.  I'm a registered nurse and I love to travel and volunteer when I can. My dreads are almost six months old now. I'll do a timeline when I've got posting figured out. Until then, here are a few pictures from a wedding I was in this summer

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  • anabrie


Happy 2011, GUDUers! :) I hope the year has been good for all of you so far, and will only get better. This community just can't get enough praise; thank you so much for the humor and amazing advice (and don't get me started on you super hotties) that we all look forward to.

So hats. My Nana is apparently a crochet-fiend and has been crocheting hats for me like mad. I got a package in the mail last week from her, and I could tell it was a hat (squishy package). Then I open it and find not one, not two, not even three hats, but four! And all for the low low price of NOTHING because she made them for me because she's the best Nana in the world (no arguments).

I also decided that 2011 is "The Year of the Crafty Bri" so I used a Hobby Lobby giftcard I got from a lady at church as a birthday present. Nearly everything was on sale, and I bought some aluminum jewelry wire and random beads, and I'm making some dready jewelry coils. The wire is a lot softer than I thought it would be, but I'm just learning so it suits my purposes. I've started an Etsy store but haven't started selling or even committed it to "Sell".

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So currently we're patching for the DCUO MMO, and I'm trying to get customer support because I'm a douche and messed up and my game is tied to the wrong effing account. I'm in a very not good mood, but it's my own fault.

Hope you all have a fantastic week. :)
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