January 13th, 2011

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i'm watching "jack goes boating" on a whim. due to a near-constant knit cap, i didn't realize until midway through that phillip seymour hoffman has medium-gross dreadlocks.

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i'm not sure what, if anything, this adds to the movie, but i certainly was surprised to see them. it's PSH's directorial debut, so ...i guess PSH wanted dreads? perhaps they're actually his set? either way, someone should tell him to ditch the wax & pick up some shampoo. :P
dirty feet

2nd round lice battle :(

Hey there GUDU, it's been awhile..again. I wasn't really near a computer long enough this past month to get on here. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! I went on a lot of road trips, mainly in Florida, but I drove up to Augusta, GA right before Christmas..sadly it didn't snow.

Anyways, somewhere along the way, probably in one of the numerous friends' houses I stayed at, I pick up some little buggers and they just won't go away! I just did a second vinegar treatment on them earlier today and I'm in the process of washing all my bed things. Ugh. I've read the memories and I'll probably end up trying them all out before this is over. If anyone has a good cure that's not in the memories, feel free to let me know.

I'll try and put more pictures up soon, but my camera is lost in space at the moment. BTW, dreadies are 10 months! So close to a year I can almost smell it!

Meanwhile, Florida is still the only state without snow, but a bike ride to class in 32 degree weather this morning was bad enough.