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[14 Jan 2011|09:15am]
 Hi all!
Anyone in Philadelphia or Mt Holly, NJ area would be able to help me start some dreads?
or recommend me a place where i can do so. 
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[14 Jan 2011|11:08am]
hey all, remember today's your last day to vote on the most obnoxious dread-styles contest! i'll have the final announcement of the winners posted tomorrow.

click here to vote: http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/6742581.html

helllllll yeaaaaah
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Sooo...DREADSCANS! [14 Jan 2011|07:30pm]
I finally scanned my dreads, due to peer pressure, and my boyfriend/roommate walked into the den as i had my head in the scanner and was like 'are you scanning your face?' and i said no, but he wouldn't believe me and i couldn't really talk as the scan was going on because then my dreads would wiggle so i had to endure the mockery until it finished and i could be all like 'i was scanning my *dreads,* you boob,' which, in retrospect, was probably weirder to him than if i had been scanning my face.


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