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THE VOTES ARE IN! [15 Jan 2011|02:01am]
the most obnoxious dread-style contest is over & the votes have been tallied! here are your winners:

1. missanthropii, for THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! with 93 votes (35.8%)
2. girlgoth, for her Dreadmas Tree with 52 votes (20.0%)
3. tastelesssoda, for Floral Dismay with 34 votes (13.1%)
4. scarletfervor, for the Love Whip with 28 votes (10.8%)
5. banjololo, for the Dreadkini with 13 votes (5.0%)

& i actually came in sixth for my Medusa Hawk with 10 votes (3.8%), but i feel a little odd taking a prize for my own contest. so i'm going to donate mine to the next in line... which was a tie! so, the sixth place prize goes to WHICHEVER ONE OF THESE LOVELIES RESPONDS FIRST!

6. yellowsummers, for a Bird's Nest?!? with 6 votes (2.3%)
6. myrrhdusa sorry bb, she beat you!

edit: scarletfervor passed on a prize, which puts myrrhdusa back up for seventh place! :)
7. myrrhdusa, for Tauren Bonsai with 6 votes (2.3%)

those prizes againCollapse )

first place chooses first, second next, & so forth - so winners, drop a comment when you see this post & i'll poke you when it's your turn to choose your reward.

great work everyone, this was a lot of fun. :) i hope the winners will post with pics of their prizes!
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