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Freshly washed and feeling fancy! [16 Jan 2011|02:49pm]
 Just a few of me recently.... I dyed them all one color, getting rid of the icky faded blue grey green ones that I got really sick of... XP

Plz excuse my bored expression... the others are more fun XDCollapse )
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katie update [16 Jan 2011|11:52pm]
regarding journalface's post: http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/6746072.html

katie's dad passed at 3:45pm PT today. i offered to post for her, & she accepted. she asked me to mention that he had a surgery & developed post-operative complications, & they made the decision to remove life support today. she continued, "i had such a wonderful outpouring of love and so many people were praying and pulling for us and i just want them to know."

she's exceptionally strong, & has a sense of peace about everything. i hope to see her back & posting soon. i don't know if katie will feel up to responding to anyone's comments, but please use this post to say anything you'd like her to read when she can; i'm sure she'll appreciate it.

i'm purposefully breaking the rules with this post because it deserves to.
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