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Good Morning GUDU [18 Jan 2011|08:09am]
[ mood | chipper ]

 Playing with my new external flash this weekend, I snapped this close-up of ____mediocre 's locks.  

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Gulf Coaster needing assistance! [18 Jan 2011|04:04pm]

I hope everyone got to enjoy a beautiful day like I did!
This is my second time posting and I am a bit frustrated with my hair. I haven't brushed it since last March when I did my backcoming. Since then, a lot of my dreadbabies have come undone, mostly the bottom layer and closer to my neck. I have fine curly hair and was hoping for some natural locks to happen back there, but it seems thats only happening on the top right now. I even rebackcombed sections thinking I just didn't do it right/enough the first time...but they came undone again. Does anyone live in or around Pensacola FL that could help me out?

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Chaaaange. [18 Jan 2011|04:24pm]

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