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Dreaded Characters [22 Jan 2011|05:14pm]
 A bit of fun, who is your favourite dreaded 'Character' from  TV/Film/Gaming/Books/Other media?

Bonus point for pictures, Bonus points if they are 'real' dreads. 

Mine being...Collapse )
I believe they were genuine dreads, until they returned for the later series (7 onwards) and he had some sort of bizarre plastic monsterlock stuck on.
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good golly! [22 Jan 2011|06:01pm]
timeline, it's always a timeline!Collapse )
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Just 2 [22 Jan 2011|09:43pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

My Nana made me yet more crocheted items: a super-awesome tam, and another flower band with matching wrist warmers (so effin' cute; pics later).

Fat MarkerCollapse )

Hope you guys all have blessed, fantastic weekends. Love you dearly :)

PS: I booked a flight home for the month of March through April 4th, and I'm excited and nervous, as I am very afraid of flying, but can't wait to see my family :)

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