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Christmasy Creationing! [23 Jan 2011|07:45pm]
[ mood | excellente! ]

Recently I have been really busy being a science nerd, painting, cooking, and making jewelry...I finally got around to making this epic Christmas post for all you dreadie humans of love and light...Collapse )

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Wait there's MORE! =) [23 Jan 2011|08:45pm]
[ mood | happy happy ]

I have a bunch of extra time randomly so I'll post one more of some of the random adventuring I've been doing...

adventurization begin (NSFW)Collapse )

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the flying spaghetti monster revisited [23 Jan 2011|08:58pm]
So, as requested by a few people during the obnoxious hair contest, here is a how to of the flying spaghetti monster. I don't think this incarnation is as good as the last one, but i'm sure you'll get the gist!

So the facts first... my dreads are just over 5 months old, so just under 5 months when I did it the first time. they have human hair extensions on the ends of most of them. Some of the extensions were done on the day I had the dreads done, and some were added by me later on, with the most recent additions being added when I'd had the dreads about 6 weeks, so nearly 4months old in these pictures. Most of the extensions are quite stiff and I think that's why this style is possible. They are exceptionally malleable once braided together.

this way for the instructions!Collapse )
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Fun video. [23 Jan 2011|11:03pm]
  Hay guysssssss.

The other day my good pal Spencer came by my studio space and took time lapse photos of my throwing on the potters wheel. It was a lot of fun to help him make this, and the song on the video is the song I was listening to when I made the cup.

I cant get the video anywhere but facebook, but please Enjoyy!


Hopefully you can all see it... Idk if its private or not... But just incase! Heres a picture, so I'm not breakin the rules =D

Apparently I'm really fuzzy today. Ahh well. Peace peopleee. 
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