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New set [24 Jan 2011|01:26am]
Started my boyfriend's dreads.

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Old School Maintenance [24 Jan 2011|03:14am]

Dreadlock maintenance, circa 2000bc - Egypt.

Taken in the New York Metropolitan Museum
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1.5 years and growin'! [24 Jan 2011|04:02pm]
Hey Gudu! Its been a little while since I've posted, but I still check up on here pretty regularly-- it's always awesome seeing peoples dreads progress and reading about the rad things the members of this community are doing! Anyways, thought its about time to give you guys a brief update- back in November Lish worked on my hair; cleaning up the roots and getting rid of all the old string stuck in them from when I originally had them done- as expected, she did an awesome job and they're still looking great! most recently as pictured::::::

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