January 25th, 2011


An introduction and a timeline. =^]

Hello, kids! I think I must have joined this community at least a year and a half ago, and I've been following it for even longer. I suppose I've been what y'all call a "lurker" who posts the occasional comment. But no more! With the job I'd had since 2008, I was not "allowed" to dread my hair. After lots of consideration (and for so many reasons that have nothing to do with hair), I quit that job -- and a month or so later, my wonderful best friend (krazypunkstar) spent two days backcombing and crocheting a head full of dreadlocks for me. :D

They are 9 days old today. I had tried going the neglect route for about 2 weeks without a SINGLE knot forming, so I decided to go back to my original plan of backcombing, and I'm glad I did. However, since my hair does not like to tangle very easily, I'm having a couple of issues. I've got LOTS of strands that have worked their way out of dreads, and almost all of my ends are brushable again for the last 1-3 inches. But I'm not too worried.. Based on the days and days of reading I've done in the memories, I'm pretty confident my hair will sort itself out and do what it needs to do. Of course, I'm having days where I feel much less confident and want to go through and "fix" the hell out of them, but I'm resisting for the most part. This release of control is going to be good for me. I'm undergoing a serious lifestyle change lately... Deciding what I want for my life and going for it. Freedom, creativity, living outside of the norm - doing what I WANT to do instead of what everyone else tells me I have to do - are what I am finally allowing myself. Patience, and acceptance of imperfection (when it comes to myself) are two things I believe finally taking this plunge to dread my hair will help me develop. So far, this has been a very freeing experience, and I'm excited for all the stages of change to come!

Here are a ton of pictures of my journey thus far. :D

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Made it to 9 months but some pain

So my dreads are about 9 months old.  I have thin fine hair so I wasnt sure how this would turn out.  Some days i love them some days they seems out of control.  But overall I like them.  I started them with the backcoming method.  I havent done much maintence with them except some palm rolling.  I am having trouble with them hurting when I lay down at night.  Its usually only a few spots on my head but they are really sore.  Also sometimes I can't pull my hair up into a pony tail because it hurts.  Is this normal?  Has anyone experianced this?  Ive been having trouble sleeping because I cant find a postition where it is comfortable. 

gudu craft swap!

i have tried to do a few dreadlock-related swaps on craftster but there is usually very little interest. i know there are so many crafty guys and gals in this community and figured what better way to share some dread-craft love?

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It's been a while.

My dreads have gotten a lot more normal looking in the past year, they are now a deep red with a few threadlocks and felt dreads to add colour., the bleach was dissolving them and I swapped most of the damaged ones with dreads donated by whoever I could convince to part with one, Think i have about 15 differant peoples dreads so far :) 

I'm now a devotee of henna, i'm going to have a go at growing it myself in a month or two.

Anyway, Here's a bunch of pictures of what me and my dreadnoodles have been up to.



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