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Possibly changing methods? [26 Jan 2011|03:06pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

 First off, I'm a newbie to this community and I gotta say that I LOVE all the pictures that you guys have shared!  Y'all have some amazing dedication (and, let's be honest, I'm super jealous of all your dreds).I've been wanting dreads for a long, long time and have finally committed myself to it.  I figured that I'd do them naturally, just let them do their thing and not let it all clump together into one giant one.  It's been about 2 months now and I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about things.  I have about 3 different ones going now but the rest of my hair is so fine that it doesn't seem to be taking at all.

I was thinking of maybe changing to the backcombing method instead.  If I were to switch, should I make an effort to take out what is already there?  I've read that hair should be shampood about a week before starting (which is fine, I still wash my hair every few days without conditioning because I work with horses and my hair tends to retain barn smell if I don't, hehe).  I know that a lot of people prefer the backcombing method.  

Also, If anyone here is in the Delaware/Philly area and knows a place (or could do it for me and earn some money) could you let me know?  I can't even color my hair by myself without missing spots, definintely don't want to try to backcomb what I can't see ;)

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the end :/ [26 Jan 2011|08:34pm]
Hey guys, sad news ahead. I don't know if you recall my post from a couple weeks ago about a crazy lice infestation...well, they got to me. I just couldn't stand being itchy anymore even after trying a dozen different remedies sooooooo I made the cut!Collapse )

I feel so light now! Although I do miss shaking my head and feeling them move all about. I'm glad I made the decision, I felt like everything I was putting in my hair to kill the lice was just doing damage. I dunno. But don't worry, I am already planning on my second set! I'm just patiently waiting until after this upcoming horrendously hot florida summer is over before I start. After everything I've learned from you guys in the past 10 months my next set is sure to have a lot better start. And of course I will continue lurking here, you are all so beautiful!

Stay awesome and keep the lovely pictures flowin in! :)
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