January 27th, 2011

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I promised a timeline...

I promised a timeline, so beware of MEGA pictures ahead.

My dreads were started August 21st. So they are about just over 5 months old now. They were started with backcombing and a dread perm. I didn't know a lot about dreads at the time and opted for a dread perm. I thought it might save me from some crazy hair moments; worried about my appearance at work, etc. (I'm a nurse).Anyways I don't really regret having the dread perm. The worst part is they were pretty crunchy at first, and STINKY. Most of the perm has fallen out now though. When they are wet they still curl up a little. Thank GOODNESS I did enough reading to know that wax was a bad idea, so my dreads are wax free.(DESPITE many people encouraging me and pushing me to wax them).

My hair was pretty highlighted when I got them done so you can see it's got some marble-y look to
it lately as they lock up. I kinda like the patchy look though, I think it looks interesting.

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hello gudu.
i need support and ideas :)
i'm struggling with the idea to undo my dreads. of course, it's 2011, i told myself in 2004 that i would keep my dreads for a 7 year cycle... so... uhm yeah. the time is soon... :)
and honestly want to be able to run my hand through my hair... just that... it's been so long, i wonder what it's like.

so i undid 3 of my dreads (it does not show, i have like a million of them, they're small). so i know it's possible to undo them. my hair is really damaged but nothing too dramatic either. it could recuperate... and i find that untangling dreads is a bit addictive for some reason.

now i stop myself. i go to panama soon and i will visit the pearl islands, we're going to a festival there... and it was a stop for pirates... so i'll leave a dread on the island somewhere. and if i have time and money for it, i'd like to get a small tattoo on the space where the dread is gone...

but apart from that, you know, when i come back... what should i do?
i'm considering the dreadhawk. cut the dreads on the side and crochet them on the remaining dreads to make them longer... but i'm not sure it would fit me, and i'm not sure how i would deal with my short/long hair after some time.

other option is to just undo them all. but i won't wear the dreadhawk.

so i ask you people, do you think i could rock a dreadhawk? or do you have other ideas that i may find interesting? thank you :)
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