February 1st, 2011


Natural Dreadlocks

Apologies in advance if this is in the memories. I combed through the sections and found a few passing mentions of natural/neglect dreads, but I didn't find much in the way of concrete information/instructions.

I stopped brushing my hair four months ago. My hair on the back of my head is definitely starting to knot up, but it's knotting into these lightning bolt shapes. I've been separating them twice a week by finding any clusters of knots that feel like they shouldn't be together and pulling them apart. My hair does not even resemble dreadlocks at this point, and it's beginning to knot too tightly at the roots for me to separate. I'm also finding these balls of knots that stick very close to the scalp, and.. there's really no way to describe them other than golf balls of hair on my skin. 

As for the sides of my head, they look like I still brush them. Absolutely no knotting is happening on the sides of my head.

In other words, I look silly. :P I am considering combing them out and backcombing in a set, but if this is a problem that can be easily solved, I don't want to waste the last four months of looking like a fool. What do you think I should do?


 probably a stupid question..

i rounded the tips of my dreads with a crochet hook pretty early on. like, 4 months? anyway, they've held up pretty well so far. but i think i want to have soft tips instead.

could i just use my flea comb and try to comb them out a bit? i read in the memories about using a crochet hook to pull out the hairs, but my hook just keeps getting stuck and no hair is coming out.