February 2nd, 2011

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Little log cabin

I went to visit Dan last week and he snapped a few pictures. We stayed in a really cool little log cabin in the middle of a valley. Almost like a bed and breakfast the host made us breakfast in his home that morning. Fresh squeezed OJ, scones and more.
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10 weeks and five days

I haven't updated in a while. And now, the rechargeable battery charger is broken. So I have a few crappy camera phone shots, until I can get some real pictures.
You can't see it in these pictures, obviously, but I have a lot of loose hairs right now.
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But to be honest, I wasn't really updating to show what my dreads look like at the moment.
Actually, last night I had a dream, and in the dream I woke up, and decided that I wanted to comb my dreads out, and so I proceeded to do it, and then went back to sleep.
I woke up really confused, and immediately checked to make sure that I hadn't really done it.

But, mostly the reason I haven't been updating, which is my reason for updating right now.
I've been thinking, basically since my birthday (I had originally been supposed to get dreads on my birthday, not back in November when I did get them), about combing my dreads out to start over, because, well honestly, the sectioning is bothering me.

Because, you see I have -delicate sensibilities- (-don't ask why I say this.- I just... say it all the time.), and the uneven sectioning has just been really, really bugging me.

My mom also. She doesn't like my dreads because they're messy, and I explained everything to her, and one of her eloquent responses to me wanting them, and her not wanting me to have them was, "Oh, I like dreads. Just not on you."
I asked why, and she came back with, "You look ridiculous."
So, she, with the help of my oldest sister, have been making me feel kinda depressed lately.

But for personal reasons, I was thinking of correcting them. And just starting over.

I do get quite a few compliments on them.
And I like them, which is honestly the only reason I haven't done it so far.
But the size differences, and uneven sectioning is just making me crazy.
Which is... pretty lame, actually.
I haven't done it because I like them, and I'd feel like a quitter if I restarted them.

But I was wondering if any of you think that I should just keep this set, and just, if I have a second set, wait until my second set to have nice "perfect" sectioning?

Personally I've been pissing myself off with the flip-flop between going to do it and then just... not doing it.

...I feel so ridiculously stupid even posting this *facepalm*


So I have lurked this site since I made my dreads ( 3 years ago) and I finally decided it's about time I post! My name is Kelly, I'm 19, study geography and uhh that's the best I can do for an intro right now.  I've never posted on livejournal period so if I mess up any of the coding sorrry! Some of the pictures are enormous but I have no idea how to fix it without stretching them funnily. If there is some fancy trick please tell me and I will fix my huge face haha

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