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[08 Feb 2011|02:07pm]
heyy :)
first, thank for your honest answers on my last post... forgot to reply, but yeah, i appreciated it, you guys are a good reference :)

i went to see a friend yesterday and we were discussing life, you know.
and i really saw more motivations into untangling my dreads... seeing how they do give me some social anxiety when it comes to meeting 'official' people like deputees and such... and i may just be at this point in my life. i always thought that if people were to judge me by the way i looked, then i didn't want anything to do with them... but now i see that i may need to confront this philosophy in order to create the movement that i want... or how, sometimes in life you find causes that you are ready to 'die' for. :)
untangling dreads is a bit of a symbolic death.

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