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Dready Love and a Call for Action (if you are so inclined...) [15 Feb 2011|12:17am]
 First of all, I hope everyone is happy and healthy and loved!

But since y'all really care about photos too, here you go!Collapse )
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One month update! [15 Feb 2011|03:30pm]
So yesterday was Valentine's day, as well as my one-month anniversary of being dreaded! I spent the day (literally about 14 hours) reading online as much as I could about growing a food and herb garden, and composting. It was glorious. In fact, if I stop feeling all sickly and icky, I'll be off to English Gardens eventually to pick up some pots and seeds so I can get started on my indoor herbs right away! Do any of you compost and have some advice for a beginner? I don't even know how long it takes yet to go from nothing, to having some usable compost for gardening.. Hah. Much more research is in order.

ANYWAY. On to the photo update!

Here comes the sun...Collapse )
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Winter Time [15 Feb 2011|04:23pm]
Spontaneous exploration. Friend brought camera, which means dread photos!
Into the decayCollapse )
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Westward [15 Feb 2011|09:59pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

On a road trip!


And plenty of goodies to share for it!Collapse )

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[15 Feb 2011|09:59pm]
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