February 16th, 2011


6 years

 yo gudu..
its been 6 years since ive started locking my hair up. i am on the right and my best friend amanda is on the left. her set is almost 7 years. and beautimos! 

The 3 week mark of my babies!

 So about 3 weeks ago i decided that my hair was finally long enough to begin my locs... I dont do that much maintenance on em the occasional palm roll, working on rounding the tips every now and then and the occasional rolling of the roots, I wash em once a week with neutrogena anti-residue shampoop and thats about it. Although i work as a CNC machinist and am surrounded by coolants and oils all day 5 days a week they have held up really well i just cover em with a pretty thick beanie while im at work. There is about 2 rows on undreaded hair in the back i havent gotten around to yet and plenty of loosies but them im not too worried about from what ive read in the memories with time they will join forces lol! So lemme know what ya think of my babies and ill be sure to post more pics in the months to come as they mature :D!

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