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February Post [23 Feb 2011|12:07am]
 Just a quick update of whats going on this February, Alot has happened this month, including my 21st birthday, fashion show, and rave/parties that involve endless spinning LED poi which i'm addicted to.  I just can't wait for spring!!!  oh, also got my first tattoo as an early birthday present.

My dreads will be 2 years old in May! 

Cool pictures aheadCollapse )
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Hula Hooping [23 Feb 2011|01:18pm]
I've been watching hula hooping videos all morning, and when I came across this lovely-looking lady, I thought I'd share. My, I love blonde dreads... Enjoy. =^]

I think I may have caught the bug to try hula hooping out. I know there must be some dreaded hoopers in this community... Any beginning advice?

And... just because.Collapse )
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Rough turns and a mini timeline [23 Feb 2011|02:08pm]
When I was a young girl, a young girl, a young girl ...When I was a young girl then, oh thenCollapse )
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Fire poi and dreads [23 Feb 2011|02:19pm]
just posting something cool, russian girl with dreads spinning fire in a place somewhere far away.

i always spin fire with a hoodie on, covering my dreads but would like to have them in a ponytail without hitting them with fire.  i suppose just dont do any over the head moves?


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Just One. [23 Feb 2011|06:33pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Mainly because I suck at using cuts.


ETA: this is my man's dreads, not mine. 

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