February 24th, 2011

craft swap reminder!

REMINDER: craft swap!!!

- pictures due to me (katie@twohillsdesigns.com) no later than tuesday, march 1, 2011
- include your lj name and your mailing address with your pictures
- packages mailed no later than friday, march 11, 2011
- your supplies should cost NO MORE than $15-$20
- i will do my best to match people up based on the quality & quantity of what they send

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Two Months

Hi, GUDU! It's been about two months since I started my dreads and I wanted to give ya'll an update on what they are doing.
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Thanks for looking at my pics for being awesome!
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Shave, shave, shavey!

I made a change to the hurrz again.

And while I technically don't have "shaved" sides (since I used scissors) that's what it looks like, so thats what I shall call it!
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I'm amazed at how much more "neat" my relatively "messy" hair looks sans those five dreads. Granted, those few stuck out on the side of my head much more, probably due to ponytails and the like.... 
Anyway, I'm really pleased with the short sides! My glasses slip right on, without getting stuck in loops, and less hair gets stuck on either tragus piercing... Generally VERY pleased! My hair also lies far flatter, which looks different, surprisingly. I was surprised about how such a little change made so many differences!

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