February 26th, 2011

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So hello GUDU. 8D

I'm just sitting at home. They've cut many hours from people at work. Apparently it's the slow time of year, and it's totally lame. Anyhoo.. A couple weeks ago I finally took out my dread extensions. Thank GOD. They were driving me bonkers and I just couldn't have it. Since I have been knocked down to two-days-a-week at work.. I was really thinking about starting a second dread set. I'm just not 100% sure I was to deal with combing these dreads out. I'm positive I could do it in 1-2 days. Then rest my scalp for 1-2 days and then redread. Iiii dunno. It's still a thinking about thing. How many of you have redreaded? how long did it take and did you have help or not? I wont have help as I'm still friendless in Omaha. x) The main reason I want to redread is due to the 'layout' choice the lady that helped me make my dreads did. The top of my head and how those dreads lay is not something I'm too fond of.. Top of my head is pretty.. Uhm.. Flat unless they are tied back for days then let down. It's parted down the center of my head. I would love an off-center part. Anyhoo.. Love the recent posts and I love looking at all your photos.

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