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just an oldie [01 Mar 2011|12:41pm]
hey people,

just sharin this photo cause i like it. it's from my first set way back in 2006. my hair is now about 4 inches long, possibly lettin it lock up soon enough... Read more...Collapse )
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New beaded sleeves!! [and I'm giving another hat away ; )] [01 Mar 2011|01:27pm]

More more mooooore....Collapse )

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3 years of dreadlocks - timeline and stuff what I have learned. - PICTURE HEAVY! [01 Mar 2011|08:59pm]
When I started my dreads, three years ago, I was at a place in my life where I didn't really know who I was or what I wanted to do yet, but I did know I needed a big change. A lot of stuff had been happening, some good, most not so good. Fast-forward to now, and it has been a really odd few years. I've moved house more times than I care to remember, quit my job to work for myself, got another job when that didn't work out, visited new countries and had some really good times and some flat-out awful times. However, I have rarely been bored.

To those with baby dreads who are feeling frustrated with their progress - hang in there! Your hair looks much better than you probably think it does, and in a while you will look back at how they were and smile. Looking at these photos has made me realize even the 'awkward' stages had their own charm.

My observations on dreads, in the form of a list (disclaimer, this applies only to my own experience, as ever ymmv).
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If you read all of that you deserve a prize of some kind...
On to the pictures. Behind a cut, there's nearly 50 pictures. Slow connections beware. You were warned!
3 years of knotted and tangled joy!Collapse )
I am so happy to be a part of g_u_d_u, it actually feels like a proper community - interesting, supportive, like family. I plan to be here a lot longer yet, it's been a great 3 years and I look forward to many more. You guys are the best!
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