March 2nd, 2011

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the body shop tea tree brand?

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so I lost my job because I've developed another severe kidney infection and missed a day during training. I go in for a CT tomorrow to try and figure out whats wrong with my kidney (this infection keeps coming back) last time (when I was hospitalized in July) I had fluid built up around my kidney. I was supposed to get a follow up scan but my health care lapsed and I couldnt. Theyre going to check if the fluid is back and if theres some kind of structural defect they can fix with surgery. I am stressing pretty hard on this but this is not the problem I needed advice on!
as I said in my last post NSFW:
I had to dye my dreads for the job, I used a box dye black because I was in a hurry. Ever since I dyed it my scalp has been horribly itchy and Ive noticed a lot of flakes. I dont know if its because it was a box dye and not something I bought and mixed myself from Sallys, at first i thought it was a chemical burn from dying my hair so much in a small span of time (i had tried dying it auburn but it didnt turn out very nice so i threw the black on it) looking through the memories I saw tea tree is recommended for the itching, but no one ever mentioned a brand/specific type? my face is acne prone so I have this: tea tree oil in my house.
has anyone used this for their mixture? since I lost my job I dont exactly have money to go out and buy anything else and I NEED something to get this itching to stop. I just want to make sure there isnt something in it that will negatively affect my dreads.

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Hi Guys!

So I'm new to this site, and wanted to share my hair with you all :)

They're just about to celebrate a 1 month birthday. Didn't take me long at all to deck em out with treasure!

That's Lenny my pet worm, that lives in my hair :) - Courtesy of Natural1 (etsy)

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dearest smart people of GUDU


i present to you this crappy/blurry webcam photo to help pose my question as to why my loose hair is retaining it's normal dark color while the ends of my dreads are lightening up. as you can see, it's not that drastic (or maybe perhaps you don't see a difference at all & i'm just crazy?). i'm thinking it has something to do with my dreads retaining water much longer than the loose hair, so they have more exposure to whatever funky chemicals are in the well water that my apartment draws from. other than that, they aren't treated any differently with sun exposure, hair products, etc.

any other ideas or similar experiences?

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