March 3rd, 2011

craft swap update!

i had a couple late submissions and i waited for things to settle for a second so the craft swap matches are going out tomorrow! we have 12 14 participants (including me - YEAH!) which i think is pretty awesome. actually, i KNOW it's pretty awesome, cause i've seen all your stuff. everyone should be very excited because you're all getting something cool in the mail soon.

in other news: i got something cool in the mail TODAY, from our very own missbell53. i'm a fan of her etsy shop and she of mine and we decided to do a trade. i'm doing a post dedicated specifically to the package (which included more than this awesome dread sleeve) but i thought it was lovely happenstance that i had community love to share in both the written word and crappy macbook photo. ;D

another craft swap update + gudu friends having fun in dallas

the swap matches have all been sent. if you have not received a match but submitted a photo, send me an email to with your LJ name. :)

my friend just posted this photo of manda (tastelesssoda) & i out at my boyfriend's birthday party last weekend. i thought i would go ahead and share with you all. i am a walking etsy advertisement in this photo, as i'm wearing three pieces i purchased on etsy and one piece i made myself. additionally, i am NOT drunk here, even though i look hammered. ;P