March 4th, 2011

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Good afternoon, my beloved GUDUers. I've missed you!

You may remember me by the set of locks pictured in my icon up there. I made the difficult decision in January of last year to comb them out due to large sections causing tension and scalp pain.

Well? I've finally decided to try again. Last time I had 36ish locks. This time, I ended up with 80. Wow! Big change. Last time I tried locks, my hair was virgin: never dyed, curled, blow dried, or even hair sprayed. It took FOREVER for my hair to get around to locking. This time, my hair has been processed with hair dye a few times over the last many months, and I'm currently living in the desert. The combination means my locks feel much, much more steady this time. I have a feeling that smaller sections paired with processed hair cuticle means these will lock up much quicker.

Better yet? My sweetheart is locking up with me. It's his first set, so I'm sharing with him all the wisdom and experience I gained here with you beautiful people during and before my first set. I'm looking forward to seeing how our locks mature over the next year. I'm living in a tent in the desert right now (working the Arizona Renaissance Festival) so internet is rare for me, but I promise to post updates as often as I'm able.

Hello! I've missed you! Gosh, It's good to have head snakes again. :)

Immediately post-dreadlock-party fooding at the Waffle House.

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Our friends who put them in for us belong to a dreaddie forum online. They have better before and after photos of us and I'll share them here when our friends post them.


P.S. Did I mention I'm looking forward to posting in NK again? };o)
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 My dreads they are a growing. 16 months and counting. Here they are from the start to now. And just for added fun I added a photo of a gunshot wound to the (my own) head I just did the other day. I am a special effects make-up artist working in Washington.

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