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[06 Mar 2011|10:24am]
hi gudu! i have a sunday morning story for you, told in pictures & text.

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[06 Mar 2011|02:10pm]
Hello GUDU! Lately I've been listening to a lot of podcasts. (Feel free to mention your favourites in the comments, I'm always looking for new ones!) In my continuing search for new podcasts, I came across the How Stuff Works podcast, called "Stuff You Should Know." The first one I listened to was called "How Dreadlocks Work". Cool, I thought. This should be interesting. But, of course, it was terrible. I thought maybe it would be actually researched, and maybe free of stereotypes? But no. If you have dreads and are white, you listen to phish and deal drugs. and you *have* to use wax. and a perfect grid. and twisting. I stopped listening when they said the part about wax.

In happier news, my dreads are 15 months old, and I am currently very happy with them! I was feeling grumpy about them for about a month, and then I cut my bangs. It's funny how a little change like that can make everything better. Pics under the cut

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