March 7th, 2011

Henry - I got 99 problems

2 months

Holy shit! I have lost like 4 inches in February. I mean I knew it would happen (thanks GUDU) that’s why I waited for my hair to be so long before dreading so I could still put it up for work after it shrunk. But, I did not expect it all to happen in 28 days! And I thought they were crazy loopy at one month! I was wrong, I had no idea what loopy was at one month!

I’ve been washing them about once a week, pretty much the same amount as I did my un-dreaded hair. I alternate between a Neutrogena cleansing shampoo and a smell good natural shampoo (mint and rosemary mmmmmm!)

Mostly I love them, but some days I have a hard time. But then I just pull them up in a ponytail and they can’t bother me anymore. I plan to dye them with Henna soon (for the first time with Henna) and I’m excited about that I think a change of color will brighten my mood about them. I’ve never had the same hair color for 3 months before, but I didn’t want to dye them until they were older and firmer. So I think a color change is just what the doctor ordered!

Anyway on to the pictures
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