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Shiny, shiny dreadlocks!! [09 Mar 2011|01:16pm]
[ mood | Shiny ]

Here is some dready goodness for your day!! My arthritis has my knee hurting today and all I wanted to do was go outside and play with my hula hoop in the sunshine but I'm kind of stuck inside with my knee up. Instead I will watch videos on youtube and put together a playlist of songs that will be fun to hoop to.

I go back and forth between staring at her dreads and her gyrating navel during the dance sequences. But yes, a very beautiful woman with dreads.

<3 you GUDU

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A question about Lush shampoo... [09 Mar 2011|01:51pm]


now for a question...I read about Lush Shampoo in a recent post on here, and I'm really looking forward to ordering a bar.
I wanted to get the Squeaky Green, but I heard in a review that the "rosemary and other stuff" can leave "chunks" in your hair. Is this true?
Has anyone had a problem with their products?
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Me, and some other dreadies. [09 Mar 2011|02:01pm]
Me,3 years and 8 months:

Not the best pic of me, but a decent one of my dreads, which I finally lightened up with box dye, after 10+ years of no chemical colorants on my hair at all. It was a big step for me, and I'm actually thinking of going a bit lighter, and then going back to my regular henna usage for a coppery red. The ends are human hair extensions, but oh well.

I also figured I'd group up some dreads I've done over the years, though there are more out there, these are the pics I have on this computer of folks with mature dreads.

So click here to see a few transformations--BEWARE, giant penis behind this cut!Collapse )
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