March 13th, 2011

Decisions decisions

Hey everyone. I know I only posted a few days ago when I did my deep clean. But I wanted to post on here to get some opinions on something. Also, posting on my own journal does no good because no one reads it (had people reading and commenting but most of them have left lj) anymore. lol Plus, the opinions I want are dread related and there's only one person on my friends list who has dreads, and she's on here too. lol

Anyway, here are my thoughts.

I haven't really touched my hair in a few months. I took the advice of everyone here and kind of just let it do its own thing. It's worked out pretty well. From where it was a few months ago to now there is a huge improvement. All I do is wash and separate.

I like the insanity of my dreads. Kind of matches the insanity of my mind I guess. *shrugs* They're all so unique.

However, I've been thinking about putting in extensions in about a month (other expenses need to come first). No, I'm not going to go have it done. I was largely going to do it myself and maybe enlist the help of a friend. I might wait longer than a month. Not sure yet. When I do the extensions I'm going to henna all my hair again and then just do henna from time to time to get rid of the grey as it comes in (I'm only grey on my bangs really).

I was looking closely at my dreads today and realized that if I'm going to put in extensions then they're going to need some preliminary work first. There are a ton of loose hairs and some pretty huge loops. The loops I don't mind, but I think it might look weird to have the extensions plus the loops (unless extensions loop up...I don't know the memories never said). here's my point. I want to do some maintenance. I know the basics of how to do it and I totally understand why everyone said to wait when I was thinking about doing some a few months ago. I know they have a lot of maturing left to do too. I'm thinking that for now I might just fix the loose hairs. Leave the loops alone, though one of them is a pretty big loop that I don't see being swallowed by the dread anytime soon. If I work on any of the loops that will probably be the one I do.

Any advice?

And here's some pics. I was going to do a video as I figured it would be easier. But the kids kept on getting in the way (literally, my son was flying his plane right in front of my face to show it off to the "internet people")

A quick one of me and the kids....

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Well that's about it.

Questions about ticks

I've just moved to a house that is surrounded by woods. I saw a tick on my dog while walking around out there. So far, I've noticed two on my body, but none on my head. Since then I've been beyond paranoid about them getting in my hair. I realize that ticks are not any more likely to be in dreads than brushable hair, but it seems like it would be harder to find them. I looked in all the seemingly applicable sections in the memories but only saw talk of lice and fleas. Have any of you had tick problems? How did you get rid of them?

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upside down dreads

Arizona Renaissance festival!

So I just got back from the Arizona Ren Fest, and it was phenomenal! I met three dreadheads there, including GeminiBalance from GUDU! Her candle shop was gorgeous, and I got to watch a candle carving in progress! I bought myself a metal hair spiral for my dreads, and one for my sister. I bought her a couple beautiful striped wood hair forks, and I got myself a bronze necklace with a stamped cat on one side and a desert flower on the other. Once i get back to Wisconsin and get the pictures off my camera, I will make a full post about it!

The sun is amazing, and though it was fairly warm around three pm, it cooled off and was a perfect temp for the evening.

At the end of the festival, before we all got kicked out, I got a henna flower on my palm, and the guy that did it was named Brian and had phenomenal dreads! He was talking to the man whose wife had just gotten henna done and the man was incredulous that brian didn't have to use wax and could wash the dreads! After he did my henna he was going through the rules to keep it happy and added at the end without taking a breath 'and brush your hair, that's disgusting.' and we both laughed. It's so great to be recognized as a fellow dread-head by others, and I'm starting to believe in the magical telepathy and exclusive club to which only dread-heads belong, because I felt so welcomed and appreciated by the dreadies I saw at the festival.

Beyond seeing awesome dreads, I got a turkey leg; staple ren faire food, and a cherry-vanilla french soda, which was delectable. I wish I had hundreds of dollars and many more hours to spend there. Alas, we were only there for a few hours. We did get to watch the jousting tournament though, and the jouster our section was cheering for made it to the last round and used a flaming sword and then a flaming whip! It was fantastic!

I love love love festivals because it's so freeing and you can just be yourself without worrying about what others are thinking and what they're going to say outside of the walls of the faire. I turn into a kid in a candy shop when I go to fests or cons, and it's wonderful.

I'm in Pheonix for the rest of the week, and we might travel up and see the Grand Canyon for a day, but when I get home i'll post pictures!

I will go to bed tonight smelling of sun and henna and with a new piece for my neck and one for my head. Today was great.
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bat friend

still firey

So. If anyone is ever looking for a fierce red hair dye that is more fade resistant than usual, I highly recommend SFX Nuclear Red. This shite has barely faded at all in the past several weeks since I used it. It did become more orange-toned red, which I find vastly preferable to the cool-toned red it was initially. I think I am the only person in the universe who really noticed that difference, though.

I have a seasonal compulsion to revert back to light coloured hair in the warmer months. As amazingly, obnoxiously awesome & sexy as I find the red, it is time to start the progression, I think. So I started by dying my roots & down a few inches back to a ginger-orange colour ( it's Feria Copper Shimmer). I love this two-toned look for the time being, though I will be letting the red fade out as it pleases from here out until I am all gingery again. Probably go back to blonde in a few months. We'll see :D

Anyway, here's some photos for you cats & kittens, enjoy :3
(Note: the first photo does show my naked back/shoulder. I was going to leave this out of the cut,
but decided it might be considered NSFW by the standards of some. so...those "some" be warned)

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