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I <3 TODAY! [15 Mar 2011|01:25pm]
When you get a package from Lush you need to update, right?


Squeaky Green, Tin, Lip service, Glorious Mud, Samples of Waylander and Quinquereme Of Nineveh. And a tiny harmonica for a necklace, not from Lush : )

Tooo many photosCollapse )
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A New (maybe) tip I learned [15 Mar 2011|04:04pm]
The last time I stalked up on my essential oil collection I was explaining to the woman I buy them from about the saltwater spray I use on my hair. (I always use tea tree + whatever else I feel like(ylang ylang lately)) She gave me a great tip to help the oils combine with the salt water, glycerine! Just add your oil to maybe a tsp of glycerine and then add that to your salt water, shakey shake! works great! And for those who dont know, you find glycerine in the baking section.

I buy from "Blossoms and seeds nursery", in western wa where I'm from. I just moved to Nevada but luckily she's starting up a website! not quite finished yet but soon. www.BlossomsAndScentsNursery.com
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