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[17 Mar 2011|08:59pm]
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16 month photo dump! [17 Mar 2011|10:26pm]
This has been a pretty great month! I'm rocking my job, which is the best job ever; I lay in bed and do data entry all day! I saved up enough to get an awesome car from my friend, took it to my mechanic friend and got it completely fixed up and I should get another 100,000 miles out of it, yay! I've gotten my alcoholism under control and I get my daughter every other week now, which is super happy. I'm going to include some wonderful pictarz of her just because I'm a proud mama bear and she's gorgeous.
I can't believe I've had my dreadies for over 16 months now! It's wild, I love them and they're definitely sticking around for quite awhile.
Anyway, I'll stop babbling,

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New Set pics finally [17 Mar 2011|11:18pm]
So. I've been a little lax in pictures, even though I promised.

What happened?

Well the twists I had in fell out spectacularly before they could begin to dread, very frustrating. So I took them out for several weeks, contemplating trying again with two strand twist or just backcombing.

Well tonight, I finally said enough is enough and backcombed my hair today. And I have pictures!

Birthday Dreaddies here!Collapse )
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