March 19th, 2011

My introduction

Hello, GUDU! Time for me to get de-lurkified and introduce myself. My dreads (second set) will be two weeks old tomorrow, and were brought into being by the lovely [info]lishd. (Which - all you other lurkers out there, I know you're there; I can hear your dreadlusty breathing - I couldn't possibly recommend more. The amount of care she took with me (not just my hair) was not only professional and thorough, but warm, friendly and very accommodating. Even near the end (I was there for over nine hours; the actual dreading process took just around five and a half) with her aching hands, she gave as much attention to the last dread as she did to the first. If you're considering/planning to get dreads, GO SEE HER.) I had my first set for about nine months two years ago before I combed them out - I made a lot of mistakes with them that I've promised myself I won't make with these babies!
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snake tongue!

Hi GUDU! I did something weird to my dreads today (though, that should really come as no surprise, given some of my past experimentation).

I had this one dread in front that I created with a mix of R&T and backcombing but whose roots were getting dangerously thin, and another dread beside it that I'd created with backcombing and then sewn into itself so it was super nubby...I really wanted to do something for the thin-rooted dread, before it tore itself off--really seemed like one good tug would sever the poor hard-working hairs still trying to keep it on. So, I sewed it into the root of the nubby dread, leaving a nice little fork and giving the pair plenty of roots to hold them on.

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Hello again!!

So my hair has experienced a mass growth surge over the past few months. My dreads are now very very heavy and long. I like the long (Mermaid hair!!!) but not the heaviness.
Any helpful ideas on hairstyles/ err shampoos/ magic that will help with the heftiness? I am trying to avoid needing a haircut. =)
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