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Huge post with Ren Faire details, deep clean, beads, and NINE MONTHS! [20 Mar 2011|01:27am]
[ mood | excited ]

That's right, if my dreads were a fetus, I'd be propping my feet up in the stirrups to give birth. Actually, I very much dislike the idea of giving birth with my feet in stirrups, BUT I DIGRESS. On the 24th my hair noodles will be nine months old! Freaking already! Holy shit!

OMG SO MANY PEEEEEKTURES! Only a couple NSFWishCollapse )

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Crazy Crazy Dreads [20 Mar 2011|01:41pm]
They're only two months old, and yet they're so full of loops and craziness that I think I'm gonna have to put them in a bun for work.

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