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[25 Mar 2011|12:26pm]
HEY GUYS! it's GUDU's birthday!
Dreadlocks are love.
Tangled and Knotty!
Created on 2002-03-25 17:52:34 (#506378)

i'm celebrating nine gudulicious years with a couple new pics. remember my lovely pigtail hat from journalface's shop, http://twohills.etsy.com? it's become the only hat i wear in winter, so i figured it's time for another update on it.

january 2009Collapse )

december 2009Collapse )

& now, march 2011, 3.5yo locks:

buy gudu local :D
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Picture post [25 Mar 2011|02:59pm]
Because I'm entirely too excited about my dreads.

So it's been a week, and I wanted to give a few pictures of my hair, and some opinions of my handiwork:

Because I have nothing else to do at the moment, pictures through hereCollapse )
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GUDU's birthday is the same day as MY BIRTHDAY!! [25 Mar 2011|05:44pm]
 24 years old...I know I'm not, but MAN I'm startin' to feel like I'm getting old!!

I don't post often, but you guys show love to EVERYONE here and I love seeing everyone's locs!!
One thing that's new to me recently (within the past 2 months) is that I've been realizing that I have locs. Like..."re-realizing" that I have this long hair on my head that I've wanted since I was half my age (influence: Sonic & Knuckles).

Well...here's my tribute to my lifelong heroes and their influence on my love of locs and chili dogs!

p.s.: I didn't care to resize any of these. So if a few of them are too big, I'm only partially sorry. I still love you & hope you still love me!!

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