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De-lurk 2.0 :( [29 Mar 2011|08:08am]

Well hello!
I'll admit that I haven't been lurking very long; when I am interested in something it tends to turn into obsession really fast. I was introduced to GUDU and a week later there were dreads! Now I'm into week six, so I thought it was time to introduce myself.

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deep clean ramblings [29 Mar 2011|10:59am]
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it's been...i don't know, a year or more since my last deep clean? i've been putting it off because i didn't want to strip out the red i've had in recent months. that odd, not necessarily bad or mildew-y, but kind of stale smell was happening to my hair, though. it takes way longer to dry through the cold months, especially with the length i've acquired, & i've dyed in about a million times. so, it was definitely time to get all the funk out :D

soaking water before:

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mmm-mmm, delicious.

keeping with my general laziness with my hair, i'm pretty low maintenance about deep cleans. once every six months, or a year, or whenever they start to smell or feel odd; a vague recipe; a vague time frame. but it more or less goes like this:

my deep cleans consist of a bowl of hothothot water, some baking soda (i just shake in maybe half a small box...i guess a cup or two), & then splash a little lemon juice to make it fizz. i've never noticed tea tree oil making a difference, & more than a tablespoon-ish of lemon juice makes it really sticky. i don't get it on my scalp as much as possible, because it dries it out badly & makes me itch. i basically put the bowl in my sink & lean over it, smooshing my hair through the water for 10-20 minutes or until whenever i get bored. then i squeeze out the excess drippies, wrap my head in a towel (sometimes a plastic bag & then a towel), & then let it sit on my head for maybe a half hour while i go play with the cat or teh internets or a video game. then i hop in the bunny like a shower, & rinserinserinse. i shampoo like normal (suave daily clarifying or herbal essences drama clean), then use a mild conditioner (usually herbal essences yoinked from some other family member) on my loose bangs & the ends of my dreads so they don't get crunchy. i don't let the conditioner sit on the dreads, though. i apply it under the water spray, so it's washing out almost as fast as i put it in.

so...yep. deep cleans. they are gross & awesome. if your dreads are more than a year old, i highly recommend doing one. even the cleanest, un-dyed dreads ooze out some weird stuff when soaked in baking soda. & now my hair smells like...just hair. which is lovely :D

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crunchy dreads. i should learn my lessons... [29 Mar 2011|10:24pm]
Hey GUDU :) i have to post a six month timeline when i recover my pictures off my hardrive but that will have to wait. 
For now i have a question, i used a colour remover on my dreads after going brown and disliking it, i had no problems getting the colour out but now my dreads are looking, well flat and feeling extremely crunchy and scratchy. i had to repair a few because they broke after using a conditioner. what else can i do??? i did a henna to try and rescue my hair and has helped to a degree, does antone know if a protein conditioner will help, and can anyone recommend one that i can buy in australia???
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[29 Mar 2011|10:57pm]

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