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spring has sprung [30 Mar 2011|01:13am]
spring is here! i'm pretty excited. i am done with the snow and the cold.
my dreads turned two in february! they're doing so well.
i've got a lot of cool texture and loops.
i also made some pretty excellent dread beads.

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[30 Mar 2011|12:43pm]
Hello. Long time lurker, first time poster with first time dreads.

So I just got my hair dreaded yesterday, and I feel like the guy put too much wax in it. I can actually see the wax, it looks like a light layer of frost on my hair, and it feels sticky. So...my first question is, do I actually need this wax there until my dreads lock up more, or is there a way I can get some of it out/get it to be less sticky without messin' up the dreads? And if so, how?


- E
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[30 Mar 2011|06:17pm]
Hello GUDU! My last post here I talked about my psoriasis and how I shaved the side of my head! I thought I would up date you on the situation!
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Wow! These guys are maturing *FAST* compared to my last set! [30 Mar 2011|06:57pm]
Already drowning in debt, and killing time at a coffee shop while my car gets four expensive new tires put on it.

What better way to distract myself, than to post photos on Gudu? :D

My babies are a month old tomorrow. They're already locking up so fast! They've started eating each other. Had one pair really, really, really thatch together at the back of my head. Thank goodness my friend Mira was here to help me separate them! They're soft like thick yarn, with a few loops here and there. Lots of flyaways.

It's funny how much more laid back I am about how these guys are maturing than my last set. I was so afraid my last set (my first set) would never be tight and pretty. I think it helps that I'm living in a very dreadlock friendly community. Everyone here either has locks, has dated someone with locks, or has a good friend with locks. There are no mysteries here, no sideways glances, no snickers or pointing. Fluffy hair is par for the course, and everyone here is really supportive and encouraging to new dreadheads. It's fun when a few fellow Cthulu Heads gather at my camp, and we all take turns separating and palm rolling for each other. We must look like the dreadlocked equivalent of apes grooming each other. ;p

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