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Hello gorgeous dreadies. [04 Apr 2011|08:25pm]
I've been playing with the idea of getting dreads for about four or five years now. I get the idea, then it goes away. You know how it goes. I recently found a fantastic girl in one of my classes who does her own hair and does dreads and whatnot, and the idea sort of started growing in my brain again.

Now here's what I want to know, from the people with dreads:

What, in your opinion, is the best part of having dreads? What's the worst part? I'll compile my own pros and cons later, but I truly am curious about your opinions.

Thanks guys. :]
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Weehee.... [04 Apr 2011|10:38pm]
 So when ever I start thinking to myself, "GAH! More people should post more often to GU-DU!!" or, "Ahh, I need a dreadie fix!!" I refresh my friends page a bajillion times a day, and get frustrated. And then, I think to myelf, "Duh, if you want other people to post more, you should do the same yourself!!"

So hi! PICTURES, YAAAAAAAY!!!Collapse )                  

 GAH, LJ CUT FAILCollapse )                                                           
Now post more, pretty please?!?!?
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[04 Apr 2011|11:45pm]
Here are my dreadies on St. Patrick's Day.Collapse )
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