April 5th, 2011


Hey GUDU, I have exciting news!  I met a lovely boy, and started a small business on dreads, fixing them and starting new ones.  Spinning fire more, planning to go to festivals in May (wildfire and PDF) hopefully i can go to both.  Just a small update...

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fierce flawless

fun bits!

So I have a minute to post a bunch of recent photos, yay! =D I've been crazy busy and only getting busier as festival season approaches...

<3 Karmic Hoops <3

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What did I do wrong???

I have been thinking of getting dreads for the last year and researching about them the last three weeks. A friend and I sat down about four to five days ago and back combed my hair and left it. Now my sections are holding up for the most part but it looks like I didn’t even back comb them. Did I not back comb enough or is just one of the stage I am going to go though? So far my head is a beautiful mess, or at least I think so :/
Any help would be appreciated, Thank you!!!

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