April 6th, 2011

They're taking over my face!

I've finally got onto LJ, it's been playing up a lot this week : / Anywho,the hair is 3 years old next week, can't believe it! Here's a crappy phone picture for now, expect a time line soon ; )

And as usual, more competitions, giving away lots of hats and discounts! Details here.

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Non Sequiturs

 It just doesn't make any sense. I get loads of compliments on my dreads. Yet occasionally I'm awash with feelings to brush them out. It just doesn't make sense. There are so many pros: not greasy white girl hair, no brushing, less washing, less stressing over hair styles, hair not sticking to chapstick, hair not wrapping around seatbelt when the window is open, not clogging the drain, no loose hairs, no bed head, hippi-esque, etc. The cons: I can't run my fingers thru  hair, the stares, the stigma, wearing chopsticks, easier washing and faster drying. Do the pros out weigh the cons or vice versa? I don't know. My dreads are 17 months old. A year. A year of so much, getting engaged, getting married, cutting ties with my mom, getting a real job, losing a real job, deepest depression, getting another job, finding friends, finding peace, loving myself once again, sand from Jamaica, snow from Vermont my home. So much, am I ready to get rid of them? At times yes, most of the time no. I wonder sometimes if I'm the only one with these upsetting whims....

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Yo yo!

Just spent a month in Arkansas with family and friends. Was fantastic and needed. Started to learn to crochet but only just -- I'll need to check out the YouTubes for more info. Andrew submitted a resume (etc.) to a game studio in Austin, so we're praying that he gets that job and we get to move to Texas.

Took some pics throughout the time I was there. One of this awesome shirt:

Found it at Walmart -- had to get it. More hair images behind the Collapse )

ETA: A huge thank you to the marvelous journalface for the lovely head tube! I'll have to post pictures tomorrow, in better lighting. I love the colors!
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