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Underwater Dread Shots [07 Apr 2011|10:15am]

Hey Gudu,

This last weekend, a few of my dislocated peeps and I met up on middle ground in Madison, WI. We are scattered all over the Midwest now, but we found solidarity in wanting to see some Wisconsin roller derby. The Dairyland Dolls are adorable and ruthless. Just as it should be. Anyways, some of us sprung for a hotel, and found it to have a nice pool and hot tub. For the first time in years it seems, I remembered my camera. My underwater camera. So below are some underwater dread shots. I started out with a dryland shot just so you can see what I'm working with right now. 7 months old, 1/4 of the hair (in back) is undercut, and 1/4 of my hair (in front) is fringe. So only about half my hair is dreaded. I like the formula so far, though the fringe is getting on my nerves. I've had some major shrinkage in the past month, like 3 inches. They are getting nice and tough and I'm looking forward to the day I can lightly condition them. My girl refuses to share a pillow with my "brillo pad hair". It's harshing my game. %  )


Spiffy Kinns/Mae the Bellydancer

pics of soggy hair...Collapse )
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Dreads, dogs, babies, and skates [07 Apr 2011|12:26pm]
Heya GUDUers! Life's been busy! Working, momming, life-on-the-farming, traveling, skating, trapezing... oh my

and hey, why not fly a little?Collapse )
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Burning Man [07 Apr 2011|08:26pm]
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So I am going to my first burning man this year! Is anyone else planning on going? I will be bringing supplies to start sets, if I find anyone who would like that, and if any dread heads are going we should meet up!

Also, keeping in the spirit of a trade society for BM, I wouldn't be charging anything. It's a gift.

Edit -
So there are definitely a few of us! Awesome! I am going to post where I will be, do you guys want me to keep a running total of our camps and such so if we want to find each other we can?

I will be at Stag Camp. My irl name is Dara. Everyone is welcome to Add my personal journal!

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