April 9th, 2011


happy birthday, dreads! you are now a toddler.

my hair is two years old today! here is a cute little timeline, oldest to newest.

day one.

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i think two years will see some of them being bleached/dyed.

all in all, i didn't lose much (if any) length. they're crazy long & i haven't gotten any negative comments about them in public, which is surprising.

i love being able to say that i finally have the hair that i've wanted for the last ten years.

One month!

So my one month mark was on the fifth! They're getting pretty scraggly looking - all the fuzzies blur the outlines of the dreads and it sometimes looks as though I've got a rat's nest on the back of my head.

True to my word, I'm leaving them alone except for a wet palmroll every third wash or so, and every few days I go through them and make sure they stay separated at the roots. I'm amazed how often I find two who seem determined to suck up each others' frizzy hairs, especially considering how often I try and keep them apart. It's like as soon as I'm done, they go "Okay, she's not looking - MERGE MERGE MERGE GOOOO!"

They've gotten a tad skinnier, and some of them are still squishing nicely while others are hardening up in spots. They're also getting a bit flat at the roots from sleeping on them/gravity, so I try and pay a bit of particular attention to those while palmrolling. (Which is easy for me NOT to do because ughhh it hurts my arms to reach around to the back of my head and try and get them close to the scalp.)

Dandruff is still NOT getting any better, grrr. I finally caved in after a week and a half of using baking soda and my roots had started to feel disgusting (it was fine to use when I washed every day, but it's not doing it for me anymore) and started using my old Soak and Float bar from Lush. It doesn't seem to be making a difference. *sigh* I love that I have dreads but I hate the idea of people being able to see giant flakes at my scalp and caught up in my dreads - not only because of the dandruff itself but because I'd hate to think that I'd be helping to propagate the negative stereotypes about people with dreadlocks because of how flaky my scalp/dreads are. Thank goodness for scarves.

EDIT: I apparently fail hard at lj-cuts. Let's try this again!

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Dread fire

One dread scan before I sign off for the night. I love the flippity loose "tails" although they do often get in the way.

Thanks for all the inspiration, GUDU!