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been a while [11 Apr 2011|02:41pm]
Hey everyone its been a few months since i last posted but i havent had internet for months now im actually postin this at school cause i remembered to bring my laptop today lol. Anyways heres some pics from about 3 weeks ago dont have any current pics but enjoy and tell me what u think. Still wax free, sometimes all the loosies drive me crazy but id still rather be wax free lol

Ok well i was gonna post a few pictures but the internet connection at school SUCKS so your just getting this one lol will post more with some current ones later.

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7 months [11 Apr 2011|08:05pm]
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Another first post! :) [11 Apr 2011|09:58pm]
Hello! Been lurking for a while and the recent sunny spring weather has inspired me to post.

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