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Finally!!! [12 Apr 2011|03:17am]
 My new dreadies. :] 32, mostly fatties.
Originally, I was going to have some fringe, but I decided that it looked horrid...I refused to take photos.
So I went ahead and dreaded the rest. :]

My head took about a week to dread because my boyfriend and I were doing little by little due to both our busy schedules and my extremely sensitive scalp.

For a while, I had felt like I was missing something...like I needed a change and that I was trapped somehow.
As soon as we finished my last dreadlock...immediately....I felt complete and free. I've never felt this good before. I think these little locks of love are here to stay for a while. :]
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My dreads are like unwashed cotton-always shrinking. [12 Apr 2011|09:48pm]
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