April 13th, 2011

Question time!

So I have been learning how to hoop dance for about a month now. One recurring problem is my hair being so big on my head that I need to constantly be readjusting it or overcompensating on my tricks for their size. I usually just try to put it in a bun but it doesnt seem to hold up with the hair ties I have (which are actually stretchy headbands wrapped around a few times).

So my questions are: are there fellow GUDUers that hoop and have found solutions to the same problem? Are there certain hair ties that anyone has fallen in love with and swear by? Or are there any particular updos/ dread wraps you would recommend to have in while hooping?

Thanks guys!
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First time post!

Hi! I've been watching the community for months now and felt inspired today to speak up and join the discussion. My name is Katie, and I hail for the St. Louis area. I feel shy sometimes and I don't like taking pictures of myself...so this whole taking pictures of my dreads thing is pretty wild. My dreading experience began about a month ago....Collapse )

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hola, good people of GUDU! i have a couple picture for you today. :]

my roommate goes and jumps in the ocean every year when it's still cold out. so she convinced me to go too!

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that's all for now! once i get my camera back i will be posting again. :]

i hope you're all having a lovely day!
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