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5 years and an attempt at a time-line. [15 Apr 2011|01:48pm]

I haven't posted in GUDU in a long time (few years?), but I've maintained my status as a regular creeper!

I love love love seeing the photo posts of all the beautiful locks, and the helpful info within this group is the best I've come across.

My dreads and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last month, and I figure its a perfect time for a celebratory dread post. :)

Bunch o' time line(ish) photos under the cut!

Watch them growCollapse )

I've been wanting a change, and thinking of colouring my hair with henna. However, I'm moving at the end of this month, and might wait until I'm out of my current place, in case I make a mess and leave some nasty stains.

Also, I shall make an effort to post more often...or at least creep ya'll other lovely dreadies more often! 
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