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4 month (?) update! [19 Apr 2011|02:22pm]
Hiya GUDU! This is my 4ish month update. I've been without the internet for a couple of months. It feels great to have it back. I picked out some pictures to illustrate my dread journey and my life journey. I went to my best friends wedding in Arizona last month. It was so beautiful. I've been to the lake. My dreadies have been dyed, beaded, in desert air, in the rain, and in the lake. What an exciting few months it's been. I'll bet they are all tuckered out from all this excitement. :) This is kinda photo-heavy.....clickCollapse )

I'm enjoying my summer. I hope you are, too!
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Red Red Wine makes me feel so fine... [19 Apr 2011|03:57pm]
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my one dread [19 Apr 2011|05:52pm]
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17 months! Woot! [19 Apr 2011|10:00pm]
It's been a pretty cray past few weeks My boyfriends mom came to visit us and we are SCARY just alike. We try not to be around my boyfriend, haha.
I can't believe I've have my dreadies for 17th months! They're finally starting to grow, I can put all of my locs in one ponytail and then my neck doesn't get all sweaty :]
My daughter is a super genious. This morning the first thing she said to me was, "I LOVE MAMA! I LOVE PONYO! WATCH PONYO??!"
She's such a person now and she's only 2 years 4 months and two weeks old! She can write her name and read small four letter words and stuff like that. She goes to preschool and they bumped her up to the 4-5 year old group instead of the 2-3 year old group because she was so bored and she's very advanced. I'll stop being a proud mama now and give you guys pictures!

heaven's not a place that you go when you die, it's that moment in life when you actually feel aliveCollapse )
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