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First Post... [22 Apr 2011|04:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hello Beautiful Dread Heads of GUDU... :)
I have been a long time lurker...And this is my first post.I've noticed lately that a lot of lurkers are getting over their shyness...so I figured I would join the club & finally post..
Pictures :DCollapse )

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Tryin' something new.. [22 Apr 2011|06:55pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So I've had this idea for wrapping dread beads with yarn and string and whatnot...I wasn't quite sure if it looked alright...I kind of looks like part of the dread is wrapped..but it's much easier to remove because it's on a bead..what do you guys think? cool? or tacky?

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beehive! [22 Apr 2011|07:11pm]
so duckduckcari had posted a beehive like this, but i didn't try it myself until alicebobalice posted a walkthrough (which can also be found in the styles memories). it looked so simple, & turned out even easier - i didn't need any elastics or other ties, & it stayed well in place for hours until i took it down.

i'll start with a new length pic:

(they're apparently sleeping here, in stark contrast to the last post on my dreads. :D)

now click to see what it wraps up into!Collapse )
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