April 24th, 2011

I attempted to do Lish's idea

But majorly effed it up. I bleached 1/3 of my hair BEFORE I dyed 1/3 ruby red...so when I was rinsing the ruby red out all of the almost white blond hair turned pink! I have to fix this today because I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm not allowed to have unnatural hair colors...but I kinda like it :[

Collapse )I plan on fixing it today with some color remover, so expect updates shortly!


An incredible seedy webcam shot of myself on my way out to meet some friends for far too many pitchers of beer..  Oh, and i'm a brunette now.. Hair dying ADD strikes again..

AND, I was wondering if there were any wonderful people on GUDU that could give me advice on places to visit in Montreal.. I need to get out of town and it's only 20$ to take a bus there so I figured I'd check it out...  Neat bars/stores/markets etc. etc.

Also if anyone in Montreal is down to house a couch surfer for the weekend, that would be spectacular.  I'm super sick of retail and school routine and I need some excitement.

cheers! happy zombie jesus day!
loish jelly

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happy easter/zombie jesus/excuse to hang out with your family/just another spring -day
(yknow, whatever suits your fancy)
, dreadie loves~!!

life lately has been...pretty bloody fantastic. & busy, & chaotic, & today the weather in south jersey is gorgeous,
so my mood is excessively...bouncy. anyhow. taking a moment to share a couple of recent photos-
of my locks, random stuff, & my friend's scruffy baby dreadlings that i adore.

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Dreadsperts In Your Area [UPDATED 30th Jan 2012]

I was browsing the memories and spotted this post which seemed to be in a bit of a shambles. So, see below for the SuperOrganisedTM list of your local dreadlock expert! This took me a good few hours to sort out so I really hope it's helpful. The lists are organised alphabetically by location for ease of searching! :]

* Unless noted otherwise, all dreadsperts listed below are able to start dreadlocks & use ZERO product when doing so.

Please comment below if you wish to be REMOVED, ADDED or have your details AMENDED and I will sort it out ASAP.

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