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I attempted to do Lish's idea [24 Apr 2011|11:06am]
But majorly effed it up. I bleached 1/3 of my hair BEFORE I dyed 1/3 ruby red...so when I was rinsing the ruby red out all of the almost white blond hair turned pink! I have to fix this today because I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm not allowed to have unnatural hair colors...but I kinda like it :[

see what I mean?Collapse )I plan on fixing it today with some color remover, so expect updates shortly!
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, [24 Apr 2011|06:22pm]
An incredible seedy webcam shot of myself on my way out to meet some friends for far too many pitchers of beer..  Oh, and i'm a brunette now.. Hair dying ADD strikes again..

AND, I was wondering if there were any wonderful people on GUDU that could give me advice on places to visit in Montreal.. I need to get out of town and it's only 20$ to take a bus there so I figured I'd check it out...  Neat bars/stores/markets etc. etc.

Also if anyone in Montreal is down to house a couch surfer for the weekend, that would be spectacular.  I'm super sick of retail and school routine and I need some excitement.

cheers! happy zombie jesus day!
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[24 Apr 2011|07:46pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

happy easter/zombie jesus/excuse to hang out with your family/just another spring -day
(yknow, whatever suits your fancy)
, dreadie loves~!!

life lately has been...pretty bloody fantastic. & busy, & chaotic, & today the weather in south jersey is gorgeous,
so my mood is excessively...bouncy. anyhow. taking a moment to share a couple of recent photos-
of my locks, random stuff, & my friend's scruffy baby dreadlings that i adore.

photos hiding under hereCollapse )
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Dreadsperts In Your Area [UPDATED 30th Jan 2012] [24 Apr 2011|09:46pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I was browsing the memories and spotted this post which seemed to be in a bit of a shambles. So, see below for the SuperOrganisedTM list of your local dreadlock expert! This took me a good few hours to sort out so I really hope it's helpful. The lists are organised alphabetically by location for ease of searching! :]

* Unless noted otherwise, all dreadsperts listed below are able to start dreadlocks & use ZERO product when doing so.

Please comment below if you wish to be REMOVED, ADDED or have your details AMENDED and I will sort it out ASAP.

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