April 26th, 2011

Single dread...

Sigh, I feel like an asshat as I know people have posted about their SINGLE DREAD before, but I couldn't find in the memories so I'm doing it anyway.

I miss my dreads so much (cut them all off during divorce), and there are many unfortunate reasons I cannot start an entire baby set at the moment. so i want a single dread, as i remember people in this community doing before... (it's been a few years since i've been around.)

when one does the single dread or two, how do you keep it from eating the rest of your hair? is it just an issue of daily maintenance; pulling out and away the non-dread hair? (i have very fine hair which just wants to tangle and dread and preventing my last set from EATING each other was fucking hell.)

I guess carefully conditioning my hair around the baby dread(s) would help (but by how much?!) ... is a single dread or a couple (i am thinking at the neckline) for someone who needs to hide it yet whose hair just takes to knotting up a stupid idea? :/