April 28th, 2011

10 Months

Hey guys. My dreads are 10 months now and this past month has been kind of interesting as far as my dreaddies go.

A few weeks ago sexpotkills came over and crocheted my dreads a bit. She was able to make them look a lot neater!! I love them even more now! lol She had noticed that my ends were super dry and suggested I put some conditioner on them.

I had been planning on doing extensions and had made a few, but never put them in. The plan was to put in the extensions and then henna my hair. The extensions I bought were close to my natural color and I hoped that would work.

I decided instead to just henna my dreads and worry about the extensions later. So I did. While the color came out GREAT there was something unexpected after. My dreads were so dry they were crunchy feeling.

I realized that the last few times I had washed my dreads I used more baking soda than usual which probably was in part the reason for them becoming so dry. Then I noticed little bits of my dreads breaking. It wasn't whole sections but the ends began to get kind of thin and whatnot.

I decided to switch to shampoo for washing and bought Suave clarifying shampoo. It's one I had seen mentioned quite a bit on here and thankfully it works fine. No residue that I can tell.

I also bought some argan oil. It was a bit expensive (The brand I bought was Agadir and it was $30 at CVS) but I had heard it's really good for conditioning hair without leaving a residue so I tried it. First I did the oil treatment (2 packets came with the spray bottle) and that helped a lot. And now after every other wash I spray my dreads with it then palmroll. It leaves NO residue and seems to just get absorbed by my hair.

The dreads don't feel so crunchy now but the damage has been done already. All the oil seems to be doing is preventing more damage which is the best I can hope for I guess. When I palmroll in the shower little bits of hair still comes out of my dreads and onto my hands. *shrugs*

I'm hoping they're not too damaged. I really would HATE to start over! Thankfully it doesn't seem like I'm going to need to. And besides, I can grow out the damaged parts.

Oh...and I'm not going to do the extensions now. The ends of my dreads are too brittle and I don't think they'll be able to handle it. I might see if I can sell the hair to someone. Don't know yet.

Anyway...here are some pictures!

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Everyone loves a pooch in sunglasses!


You can see my hair creeping past my shoulders, hopefully it'll gain more length this year! *fingers crossed*

Aaaaaand as a few of you may already know, I've had a few giveaways this month....

ETA: The giveaway has now ended. The winners will be notified via e-mail at some point today! Thank you to all of those who entered : D